Element Competition Catch Can System $299

Element Competition Cans were developed out of necessity for the rigors of road racing 500+ HP Subarus.  Time Attack Competition demands the absolute most out of an engine with boost levels of 30 psi, power in excess of 500, and 8000 rpm all taxing the crankcase evacuation system.  Without proper crankcase evacuation and air/oil separation, excessive pressure in the crankcase and intake air oil contamination often result in detonation. 

Off the shelf "catch cans" weren't performing well to separate the crankcase oil vapors at high velocity.  Often we found the intercooler and charge pipes full of oil but very little accumulation in the actual catch catch.  This is primarily due to a system not properly designed for high HP Subaru applications.  Exacerbating the problem were small breather ports in the 1/4 to 1/2" range that were not adequate at 500 HP.  Engines built with forged internals often have even higher crankcase pressure compounding the problem.

The Element Competition Catch Can was developed to perform under grueling competition.  Huge -12 AN and -10 AN breather ports ensure ample crankcase evacuation at high boost and power levels.  A massive 2.9" wire mesh air filter serves to minimize crankcase pressure allowing for better ring seal and more power.  Internal air/oil separators and baffles separate oil from high velocity crankcase air, retaining the oil in the catch can instead of spraying it all over the engine bay or into intake system. 

Element Competition Catch Cans are fabricated in the USA: (not all kit components are shown in picture)

- Dimensions: 11.25" Length x 6" Diameter

- 3" Diameter Aluminum Catch Can

- 1.4" breather port

- Wire Mesh/Cotton Breather Filter

- -12 AN Crankcase Breather Port

- -12 AN Socketless Aluminum 90% fitting

- -10 AN Head Breather Port (or can be used as a -8 AN Intake Vacuum Port)

- Air/Oil Separator Cylinder

- Air/Oil Baffles

- 1/4 NPT Oil Drain Valve (Can be used with 1/4 NPT fitting as a drain to crankcase)

- 6ft of 3/4" High Temperature Aramid Fiber Reinforced Crankcase Breather Hose

- 6ft of 5/8" High Temperature Aramid Fiber Reinforced Breather Hose

- New Subaru Specific Aluminum Mounting Bracket

- 2x High Temperature (475F Heat Deflection) "T" fittings for crankcase and head breathers

- Stainless Steel Worm Drive Clamps