Element FEW Competition Uppipe System (Fabricated External Wastegate System) $399

Element FEW Competition Uppipes are designed for today's high output, bolt-on turbochargers from Deadbolt, FP, Slowboy, etc.  Often these turbochargers are equipped with inferior internal wastgates that cannot control boost properly resulting in boost spikes or worse, boost creep.  Element's FEW Competition Uppipe is designed to maximize power and performance by regulating boost pressure via and external wastegate and superior design.  Carefully selected exhaust pipe diameter, material selection, and uppipe design produce the highest possible power output for your Subaru.

Element FEW Competition Uppipes are hand fabricated in the USA:

-Precision Tig Welding

-Thick 12g T304 Stainless Steel Pipe

-Thick 1/2 Inch Laser Cut T304 Stainless Steel Uppipe Flanges

-Stainless Steel Dump Tube

-OEM Fitment

-Compatible with most Down Pipes including Bell Mouth Designs

-Studs and Hardware Included

-Compatible with TurboSmart Ultra  or Tial 38mm Wastegates